Teresa Cicero

Teresa Cicero Photographer



The beginning of Teresa’s inclination towards photography.

Teresa began taking photographs at the age of 9. She asked for a camera as a gift for her First Communion, and even before that as a child she would follow her father into his dark room as if it were a game. And he lovingly, and partly unconsciously, mapped out her path.


Self portrait


Later she specialised in art at secondary school and went on to attend the Istituto Riccardo Bauer, the ex Umanitaria, in Milan. Some years later she devoted herself to the precious attendance of the meetings run by the director Ermanno Olmi with directors, editors and scriptwriters in the Ipotesi Cinema school at the Cineteca of Bologna.

Teresa is a creative artist who has been using photography for many years. The
immersion in vision is a constant presence in her life.

Photography is the material realisation of a communication that starts long before the moment that Teresa begins to photograph. Trusting in and entrusting herself totally to this communication is Teresa’s active side, all the rest is already in manifestation, in movement.

For Teresa, the work is accomplished when the listening, the observation and the communication are at one with this greater movement.

The world itself has become image and the artist’s vision is apparently more difficult today, penetrating inside the world to see what’s really there is the continual endeavour.


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